What is a Property Manager?

What is a Property Manager?

Buying a second home in an area you enjoy visiting may be a lovely experience. You have a home there to visit year after year, and you might rent out your vacation house to other visitors while you aren't using it. While purchasing a second property might make your life more convenient, you should be aware of the costs, commitment, and risk entailed.

In order to remove the hassle of managing your second home from afar, you can hire a property manager to take care of the daily operations and of the ongoing responsibilities. As a result, Dalima provides a completely in-house management experience. We take care of the hassle - furnishing, repairs, utilities, cleaning, gardening, you name it. You just schedule your time, travel home, and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

Discover all the benefits of our in-house management. 


Property Manager responsibilities

You may handle your rental property on your own, but it will be difficult. Being a landlord without assistance might be a never-ending throbbing pain. Thus, hiring a property manager to assist you to achieve your objectives of generating income or keeping your property in good conditions will be the best alternative. 

The property manager's duties may include monitoring and organizing maintenance operations and schedules, performing light repairman and housekeeping work, addressing tenant concerns, marketing, showcasing, and leasing empty units, gathering and depositing rent, and interacting with the property owner on a regular basis about the homeowner's status. The property manager serves as the owner's eyes and ears on the property, ensuring that concerns are addressed immediately and that the property itself is competently maintained.

Dalima’s In-house management

A second residence will almost definitely be placed hours distant from your primary home, requiring either long vehicle trips or flight tickets. As a result, it may be difficult to inspect it to confirm that it is still in good condition. You may not know for many days whether a storm ruined your ceiling, someone broke into your home, or criminals ruined your property.

This is why Dalima will handle every aspect of ownership, eliminating you of these hassles and concerns. We charge a maintenance fee varying from €39 to €99, which is established at the moment the property is acquired.

We've seen it all in our 10 years of working in the hospitality industry in over 30 countries. As a result, we recognize the importance of having actual control over the personnel who have an impact on our clients' experiences. It is critical for us to have our own personnel on-site and we coach them in accordance with our beliefs. And to be able to solve any problem quickly and efficiently. That is why we have decided not to outsource. 

Dalima takes care of every home that is part of our portfolio. First, we look after every legal and financial aspect involved in homeownership. This includes handling utilities, insurance, and property taxes, creating and maintaining the legal entity that aggregates the co-owners of each home as well as its accounts and legal obligations, and representing the co-owners as required by outside parties, including municipal authorities.

On the other hand, we take care of every detail. From the maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and daily tasks to the additional services you'd like to enjoy during your stay: private chef, unique activities, restaurant concierge, or massages - you name it. Our in-house team will always be accessible at the location to assist you throughout your stay. And even while they're sleeping, you can rely on our 24-hour support team to assist you with whatever you need.

Enjoy full ownership of one of our stunning homes and none of the hassle!


Frequently asked questions

What does a property manager do?

  • Rent: Assist owners with setting the right rent, collecting the rent, and increasing the rent.
  • Tenants: Finding and screening applicants, communicating and enforcing lease conditions, resolving concerns, handling problematic tenants, and collecting tenant payments properly. 
  • Property: daily maintenance and repairs to ensure good conditions of the property. 
  • Owners: Report property performance, funds, legal issues directly to the owners 
  • Landlord-tenant-laws: Ensure compliance with legal terms of a landlord and tenant relationship. 
  • Business: Run a business that follows state and federal requirements for managing rental properties. 


What type of property managers are there? 

There are four types of property management: 

  • Industrial: Manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution
  • Residential: Single-family homes, vocational rentals, multi-family homes.
  • Commercial: Hotels, malls, restaurants, workspace. 
  • Special purpose: Theaters, resorts, schools, and universities


Who do property managers work for?

Property managers own their own firm or work for a property management firm that oversees the needs of several properties. 


Does a property manager own the property?

Normally property managers do not own the property they manage. Owners delegate daily obligations as well as administrative tasks to the property manager. 


Do Dalima homes have a property manager?

Dalima transformed the second-home ownership experience and in fact, owns properties and has in-house management in each property. After 10 years working within the hospitality industry in more than 30 countries, we've seen it all. We know it's necessary to have real control over the professionals who have an impact on our members' experience. 

Dalima enables multiple people to own a second home through our co-ownership model, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of owning a home without the usual hassle that comes with it. Once the purchase is made, we manage the property and any services needed by the co-owners during their stay, making sure they do not have to worry about anything but to enjoy their time at home with their loved ones. 

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