Sell portion of your second home

Sell portion of your second home

Owning a second home is like having the perfect getaway every time you feel like disconnecting. So, why sell to Dalima a portion of your second home? Since our co-ownership model allows you to "proper proportion" ownership by retaining a large fraction of your house while earning liquidity and dividing costs with authorized co-owners. Below are a couple of reasons to sell part of your second home.


Someone wishes your home

It is common to see that people that are looking to purchase a second home have two criteria to consider: location and style. If you own a modern home located near the beach or close to the mountains, your home probably ranks among the desirable houses to own in your country. 

Dalima’s co-ownership concept allows you to give purchasers precisely what they want while maintaining the house you love.

Demand for second homes

Across the country, enthusiasm is giving way to action. Increased demand for second houses surpassed demand for primary homes by 50% - a remarkable number has given the strong primary home market. When you combine a strong market with colder weather, you might realize that the time has come to sell shares of your second property.

Dalima buys your house entirely and retitles it into a property-specific SL with eight equal ownership interests. You may keep as much ownership as you need, up to 50 percent, and Dalima will find purchasers for the remainder. Costs are shared, fees are modest, and all Dalimas are handled professionally.


2022: Hassle-free

Second house ownership may be a tremendous source of delight, but it also comes with some significant stressful experiences: the cost of preserving the property, the obligation to use it whenever feasible, and the duty of handling problems that arise.

Dalima’s co-ownership structure comes into play. Entire second homes that are carefully designed, cleaned, and managed are available from us. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your second home without the hassle. 


Diversify your portfolio with Dalima

Wouldn’t you love to own another home in a different location? Considering that you are saving money and minimizing expenditures with your present home, owning a second Dalima sounds like a great option. Check through our current listings to discover what could be available to you.

Are you ready to take the next step? Learn more here:



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