Decorate professionally your second residence

Decorate professionally your second residence

When you finally purchase your dream house, your start inspiring yourself with design magazines, Instagram or Pinterest. This is the perfect opportunity to be creative and come up with outstanding styles. However, there are certain tips to take into consideration when looking to decorate your home like an expert.

1. Front door

The initial impression of your home is made by its front entrance. Before your guests even step through the door, a brightly colored door makes a statement. When deciding what type of door or color you want to have, ensure that it complements your house exterior. 

2. Prime focus in each room

Ensure what main point you want to have in each room. It can be either TV, fireplace, art piece, or view from the floor-to-ceiling window. These specific features will draw the attention of anyone that enters each room, just make sure that the rest of the accessories help this prime focus stand up. 

3. Houseplants

Houseplants quickly make any area seem cozier. Even if owning some nice plants, don't be scared to combine them in different areas. This will help to keep the air clean, and the impression of your home fresh.  

4. Mixed lighting 

Having a variety of lighting styles provides each area with a professional appearance. Lighting types such as ambient for open spaces or ceiling, accent for a particular area or object, and task lighting for the library or kitchen table. These three types of lighting will create unique scenes in every room of the house.  

5. Matching furniture

It is always tempting to buy a couch and match it with the chairs, or a center table with a tea table, let's avoid this. Having mix and match on items improves its dimensions on the space and visual feeling. Thus, contrasting colors and fabrics enable your home to have a unique style without looking like a showroom. 

6. Different textures

As mentioned above, you don’t want to have furniture that matches all, you need different colors, fabrics, and pieces. A tiled fireplace with a reclaimed wood mantle, a neutral-colored jute mat covered with a colorful (and smaller) wool rug, or a leather sofa with a soft throw are a few examples. Metal-on-metal mixing is also popular.

7. Mirror strategy

Every room should include a mirror as it helps large the space on tiny or gloomy areas. It creates an illusion of extra space. They also brilliantly reflect light in gloomy situations. Mirrors should be positioned parallel to the windows, and not across the room so that it keeps the light through the room. 

8. Add artwork

Common mistakes people do when thinking about putting artwork in their homes are that they buy small frames, or too high. Every art piece should be at eye level and according to the size of the wall. The standard rule for artwork is to occupy two-thirds to three-quarters of the available wall space.

9. Keep what you like

We all have things that we don’t like, and we keep them because they were a gift or have sentimental meaning. A new house gives you the opportunity to say your final farewell! You should adore every item of design and furnishings in your house. Sell or give the stuff you don't want because someone else might! 

10. Be critical

When it comes to decorating, less is frequently better. It's easy to get caught up in adding components that wind up becoming detractors rather than enhancers. Remove objects that have either found a home in the incorrect location or are just overpowering or cluttering the area on a regular basis, room by room.


Let Dalima’s professional handle this for you 

It's not for everyone to embrace their internal creator. Consider a Dalima if you're searching for a second house but are intimidated by the notion of designing it. Every Dalima second house is fully equipped and decorated by a professional. Look at the lovely properties for sale and leave the specifics to us.

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