How do Dalima reselling works

How do Dalima reselling works

If you are considering selling your home you need to research the area where you live, get a rough idea of how much your home is worth, set the price, list your home and wait until you receive an offer. Owning a Dalima home, our co-ownership model allows our real estate partners to sell more, faster, and easier, which also fastens the selling process.


1. Sell whenever you are ready!

After 12 months of ownership, you are entitled to sell the home at any time. You have the absolute freedom to sell your share at any price you decide. Whenever you wish to sell, simply inform us and we will give detailed insights on market prices in every region we operate and will be happy to recommend you a price within the current market standards at that particular time.


2. Trusted marketplace

Dalima in comparison to a traditional house sale will offer two options for assisting you in the process of selling your shares. Taking advantage of our Dalima portfolio, all of the co-owners will be notified that there is a share available and they will be asked to accept or refuse the offer. Existing owners are perhaps the simplest purchasers to find since they appreciate the benefits of purchasing a Dalima.

Since we hand-picked each home to have the right set of attributes for the region, our homes are usually more liquid than the market. Thus, with our real state partners network, we will be able to approach those buyers that expressed interest in similar houses in the region. Between our marketplace and current owners, you can expect to sell your share in a reasonably short period of time. 


3. Advertising strategy

Dalima will effectively advertise the share on our website, via email, and within our real state network, while conducting inquiries with our partners and buyer. Our sales team will assist you throughout the process offering your stake through our marketplace, finding a new co-owner, and taking care of the paperwork.


4. Trust and transparency

At Dalima we create long-term relationships with our members, based on trust and transparency. We don't want to see you part ways, but we understand that life takes twists and turns and it's essential to facilitate the exit of any of our co-owners. Therefore, we will assist you throughout the entire process at whichever price you decide to set.

Alternative paths for Dalima owners

After having the opportunity to try your Dalima home, you realize that is not your dream house or you acquire more shares than you need, there are some options for you to consider. 

  • Selloff shares

You own 4 shares which mean 50% of the property and 6 months of enjoying the home. However, you realized that you only spend about half of that time, you can downsize your ownership by selling those shares. Is the same process as the resale process, but you are still the owner of the rest of the shares. 

  • Swap time with other co-owners

After a getaway weekend in your second residence, you rather visit the Alps instead of sunny Ibiza this year? Let us know through the app and we'll find a match. Because we know that, in the long run, that's the only way to guarantee that you enjoy a perfect experience as a co-owner.

Frequently asked questions

Who will set the selling price of my share? 

No one except you. You have full autonomy over the price at which you sell your share. That being said, we have extensive knowledge of market prices in each location in which we operate and will gladly propose a price that is within the existing market norms at the moment.


How long does it take to sell a share? 

The timeline of selling a home in the real estate market varies widely depending on the property.

Our houses are frequently more liquid than the market since we hand-pick each one to have the proper set of attributes for the location. Furthermore, our co-ownership model enables our real estate partners to sell more, faster, and more easily, which speeds up the selling process.

Finally, because of our marketplace, sales staff, and the liquidity of our properties, you may anticipate selling your share in a very short amount of time.


Can I sell it to anyone? 

As long as the potential buyer passes our vetting process, mandatory for all co-owners, you can sell your share to anyone. Our team will review the buyer's profile in terms of criminal record and solvency, in order to ensure a smooth co-owning experience for the rest of the owners.


Are there any costs or expenses involved in the sale of my share? 

The costs of any real estate sale also apply to the sale of your share. This means that you will most likely incur a sales commission to be paid to the real estate agency which assists you through the sales process, as well as closing costs. If you want Dalima to take care of the sale process of your share, we apply a 3% commission on the sale price. 

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