Ownership interest in a property

Ownership interest in a property

In simple words, ownership interest means that you have the right over the property that you own. Let's deep into this terminology. 


Right to own = Interest

Whenever you hear interest, always related to the right you have towards something, in this case, is towards a property. It can be either through ownership or through security. 

Ownership interest is not the same as a security interest. Ownership interest might be entire or it can be shared among numerous owners. You maintain some rights to the property as long as the legal paperwork defines you as a person with ownership interest. Security Interest is when your creditor (for instance, mortgage provider), has the right to acquire the property if you violate your loan agreement. If you have a mortgage arrangement with a lender, they are the creditor and you are the debtor in this relationship. Because you borrowed money from them, the house serves as leverage, and the creditor has the right to collect the property if you fail on your payments.

Ownership interest rights

Every homeowner has certain rights to the property regardless of what title of ownership you have in it - Even if you own all or part of it. These are some of the rights you have as an owner of ownership interest: 

  • Right to sell 
  • Right to use
  • Right to reimbursement for damage or loss

Depending on the type of property ownership you possess, it may vary the rights that you have towards the property. For instance, if you hold sole ownership you not only have the right to use, sell and reimburse from damages but also you have full control of the property, among other rights. However, if you hold a joint tenancy or tenancy in common, you may not be able to sell the property because you would need to ask for permission from other owners.

Ownership interest responsibilities

As an ownership interest, you are responsible to pay taxes, HOA fees (if applicable), and utilities. To ensure that the home is in good condition, you will need to regularly do property maintenance and upkeep. In most cases, you prefer to hire a property manager to take care of all this hassle as it requires investing time and dedication. 

Dalima’s ownership interest

At Dalima, we enable second homeownership through our property LTD aggregating a maximum of 8 co-owners. With our co-ownership interest, you enjoy true ownership, and profit from home value appreciation. Each share gives you the right to enjoy our home 44 days a year. Our scheduling system will allow you to easily book your stays with time in advance, and equitably amongst the co-owners.

Once you decide to purchase a Dalima home, our co-ownership model protects you from co-owner defaults in a loan payment. It also gives you the right to sell your share after 12 months, if you decide that is time for a new beginning. Meanwhile, Dalima takes will take care of every detail; set up the legal entity, take care of the paperwork, manage the property, ongoing maintenance, and any services needed by the co-owners during their stay, making sure they do not have to worry about anything but to enjoy their time at home with their loved ones.


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