Manual of fractional ownership, timeshares, and clubs

Manual of fractional ownership, timeshares, and clubs

While you dream of a second home you imagine yourself relaxing at the pool, enjoying the beautiful sunset, and taking a break from the chaos. Unfortunately, the high prices that real estate charges and maintenance issues make it impossible and unrealistic to purchase a second home.

The shared ownership industry is a way to afford homes when you can’t purchase an entire property. There are different types of ownerships such as fractional ownership, timeshares, destination clubs, and residence clubs. Let’s understand how each one works before introducing you to an innovative and clever alternative to sharing ownership. 

Fractional ownership

Fractional ownership is a purchasing strategy that allows owners to share the profit of holding high-value assets. This has the benefit of reducing the obstacle for purchasers.

Many prospective purchasers are concerned about sharing "ownership" of a house with people they don't know well. Although they seem similar, a regular timeshare often allows access to the property for one to two weeks each year, whereas fractional ownership typically allows access for five weeks or more per year. In fractional ownership, the buyer owns a portion of a valued item. As the value of the property increases, so does the value of the buyer's equity.

A fractional ownership scheme is a co-ownership structure in which members share the expenses and benefits of a given asset based on the amount of the share that each co-owner owns. The ownership model is frequently used for high-end vacation condos or second residences since it establishes a structure in which fractional homeowners are only accountable for purchasing a piece of the share.


  • Home value appreciation
  • Right to use
  • Upkeep costs


  • Resale issues
  • Annual fees
  • Group consensus



The word "timeshare" was established in the early 1960s to describe an accessible and appealing option for families to spend quality time in a vacation resort. It makes purchasing a luxury residence more accessible and has been a popular option for decades.

With a timeshare, your ongoing expenditures and time involvement might be significantly reduced with a timeshare. The yearly maintenance expenses may be lower than those for keeping a vacation property over decades, and you won't have to worry about renting out the timeshare while you're not using it.

Even if you buy points, you'll have less choice in how you use the timeshare, and you won't be able to make any modifications or add original features.


  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Low upfront costs


  • Resale issues
  • Low market value
  • Lack of control


Destination club

A destination club is like a club, where members can use the properties: fitness, country club, and golf court. This type of exclusive corporation provides high-quality, fully serviced luxury vacation houses. Destination clubs provide a flexible option to luxury hotels, second residences, and vacation home rentals with their membership. The clubs have properties in a wide range of locations, perhaps on a worldwide scale. They also give the peace of mind that comes with knowing that each house will be kept to a regular, superb quality.

Destination clubs often offer a comprehensive range of services both before every stay, allowing members to enjoy stress-free holidays. They assist members with all aspects of pre-trip planning, including airline bookings and transportation services. The kitchen will be supplied with foods and drinks requested by the member before their arrival.

The price of attending a destination club is classified into three types: equity clubs, prepaid clubs, and rental clubs. There is an initial membership cost, yearly membership dues, and nightly rates for lodging in the residence.


  • Premium amenities
  • Stress-free service
  • Category plans


  • Membership costs
  • No ownership
  • Selective inventory

Private Residence club

Private home clubs are at the upper tier of fractional ownership real estate. There are no regulatory or technical distinctions between the two, although they do differ significantly. These ownership homes are in premium real estate regions, such as ski-in/ski-out lodges, or right on the beach or golf course. Residence clubs are projects that offer their shared apartments for $1,000 or more per sq foot in the fractional ownership sector.

Private home clubs vary from vacation rentals mainly because of desirable areas, are more luxurious, and are often larger. In addition, you will receive deeded ownership of your home.

A private residential club membership might be highly expensive, but they usually keep their value — these are exclusive high-end resorts. Members return to their club on a regular basis and become familiar with the club's amenities, employees, and surrounding sights. It becomes their home away from home.


  • Home value appreciation
  • Equity
  • 5-star experience


  • Resale issues
  • High annual fees
  • Initial cost


Dalima’s innovative alternative

After reviewing shared ownership, we understand how timeshares, clubs and fractional ownership works. Now, Dalima is an innovative choice that will blow your mind. 

Dalima is a new way to own your second home at a fraction of the price and with none of the hassle. This model has traditionally been used on a DIY format - we are reinventing the co-ownership experience by selecting the right properties, creating the legal entity, taking care of the legwork and the property management services, and providing 24/7 support to each co-owner.

By simplifying the experience, we allow co-owners to focus on enjoying their home without the headache that usually comes with owning a second residence.


Dalima’s experience: 

Discover all the benefits of this new form of ownership. 

  • Real ownership: Enjoy true ownership, and profit from home value appreciation
  • Fully managed: In-house team that takes care of everything related to home and your stay. 365 days a year
  • Easy rental: On your app, select the days you’d like to rent out, and we will handle the rest
  • Fair scheduling: Reserve your stays with ease and flexibility through our app
  • Shared costs: All costs are equitably shared amongst co-owners
  • Financing: We facilitate financing up to 70% of the share price

We believe in honesty, accountability, and personalization to create thriving long-term relationships. Because it's not just buying a house, but how you actually get to live and enjoy at home - for many years. Go and check out our home portfolio. 



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