Dalima’s co-ownership costs

Dalima’s co-ownership costs

While you are thinking about purchasing your dream home, you are probably curious about the cost. We know that while you scroll down the list, you start imagining yourself enjoying yourself with friends next to the BBQ while looking at the sunset from your incredible home. Unfortunately, the cost is something to consider, and Dalima's mission is to provide transparency on every single cost, payment, and investment. We provide you with an estimate of the year's costs upfront so you can budget accordingly.

Once you review our portfolio and find your dream home, our team will walk you through the process of buying and will explain in detail all the costs of owning a Dalima. Bellow, you will find our pricing structure.


Dream house share price

The prices that are listed in our homes are the cost of purchase of ⅛ ownership of the property. If you wish to buy more shares, multiply the sale price by the number of shares you want. Remember that you can only purchase up to 4 shares (50% of the property). The share price is the sum of the following costs: 

  • Whole-home purchase price: This price is the total cost of the villa.
  • Home upgrades and closing cost: Each home is designed and budgeted before the purchase, we will take care of executing the refurbishing. As part of our mission, you retain 100% of the profit from the appreciation in the home value. Additionally, the cost of closing includes handling utilities, insurance, and property taxes, creating and maintaining the legal entity that aggregates the co-owners of each home.
  • Dalima’s service fee: A one-time service fee of 6% of the share's value once the co-owners purchase the home. This includes home selection, buyer aggregation, legal entity formation, home upgrades management, and closing.
  • Financing: Dalima may depending on each particular case, assist you to finance up to 50% of the purchase price. The finance team will review the application and provide a resolution within 20 days.


Operating expenses

Maintaining a single house requires a significant amount of effort, so adding a second property will more than double that for you. We understand the struggle and that is why Dalima takes care of everything related to the home and to your stays. 365 days a year. Our own on-site staff takes care of the actual home, providing high-quality property management services to ensure each home is at all times up to the standards we aim for. We partner with local suppliers to undertake the necessary maintenance and repairs, and our on-site supervise the correct execution of such duties.

Owning a home involves certain costs throughout the year - insurance, taxes, cleaning, preventive maintenance, or repairs are the most important ones. We provide an estimate of the year's costs upfront so you can budget accordingly. All bills and payments are passed to you at cost - no mark-ups whatsoever are applied to the operating expenses.

  • Ongoing costs: From the maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and daily tasks to the additional services you'd like to enjoy during your stay: private chef, unique activities, restaurant concierge, or massages - you name it. Our team will be available for you 24/7 to discover a new way of enjoying your second home.
  • Property Management: To provide an impeccable service is essential to have our own team onsite. You'll always have our in-house team available at the destination to assist you throughout every stay. And when they're sleeping, you can count on our 24/7 team to help you out with anything you may need.
  • Insurance and taxes: We look after every legal and financial aspect involved in homeownership. Accounts and legal obligations, and representing the co-owners as required by outside parties, including municipal authorities.
  • Reserve fund: The reserve fund is built over time through monthly contributions from each co-owner, which should be approved in advance through the annual budget. This fund is destined to cover unexpected expenses such as repairs, replacements, and improvements. Keeping some extra budget aside allows us to pay such exceptional costs without having to ask you for additional payments throughout the year.

The operating expenses are split equitably amongst co-owners and are passed through at the market value, with no mark-up whatsoever. We take this very seriously and work continuously to optimize such expenses, negotiating with every supplier to minimize the impact on the home's annual budget. Additionally, we provide full transparency on every single bill and payment handled on your behalf, which is available to you at all times through the app.

In-house management experience

A second property will almost certainly be located hours away from your primary residence, involving either extended car journeys or airline tickets. As a result, it might be difficult to check on it to ensure that it is still in good shape. You might not know for several weeks whether a storm destroyed your ceiling, if someone broke into your house, or if vandals defiled your property.

Dalima takes care of all aspects of homeownership, removing you from these troubles and headaches. We charge a maintenance fee ranging from €39 to €99, depending on the kind of property and area, which is determined at the time the house is purchased. When you become a co-owner, you will be able to organize your time, manage your payments, and book extra services using our app, while being supported at all times by our corresponding teams. This implies staff and technology to run the operation efficiently, ensuring a smooth experience.

Each Dalima is rigorously inspected to ensure that it is in excellent condition when you arrive. Your Home Manager will handle every aspect of your journey, while our 24/7 Support team will assist you with any incident.

Rental it out

Whenever you need extra money, one of the advantages of owning a second property with Dalima is that you may possibly rent it out and generate enough money to cover the house's debts and bills while still having some profit left over for regular expenses.

  • Save money doing nothing: If you don't plan to use your time, access your app and select which days you'd like to rent out - we take care of the rest. The rental value will cover your expenses as a co-owner. Thanks to our technology and our network of trusted partners, we're able to maximize the rental price while ensuring a perfect experience for the guests.
  • Gift your time to your loved ones: You can also gift the days you don't plan to use to your family or friends. No doubt it will be one of the best gifts they've ever received! We'll make sure they enjoy a unique experience.

As part of our principles, we provide full transparency on what are the costs and thus we charge 10% of the rental price every time a co-owner requests Dalima to rent out part of their time with no mark-up.


Additional experiences

Our mission is to transform the second-home ownership experience allowing you to enjoy a luxury home offering you the experience of a 5-stars hotel in your own home.

In our app, you will have a 24/7 concierge service that can help you book additional services such as private chef, nanny, nursery, chofer, fresh products, cocktail service, among others. We charge 10% of the additional service price every time a co-owner requests Dalima one of the additional services available in our services portfolio.

After 10 years working within the hospitality industry in more than 30 countries, we've seen it all. For that reason, we know it's necessary to have real control over the professionals who have an impact on our members' experience. To train them under our principles. And to be able to sort out any situation fast and effectively. That's why we decide to not subcontract.


Own your second home with Dalima, A new way of living!


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