Everything you need is just a tap away

Everything you need is just a tap away

Our mission is to transform the second-home ownership experience by allowing you to enjoy a luxury home for a fraction of the price while offering you the experience of a 5-stars hotel in your own home in just a tap away. 

Through our innovative app, you will have the opportunity to schedule your time, handle your payments and book additional services, and be assisted at all times by our corresponding teams. This implies staff and technology to run the operation efficiently, ensuring a smooth experience.


Schedule your stay 

Reserve your first stay at your new home by opening our app and booking your first stay thanks to our proprietary scheduling system, which guarantees equitable distribution of days amongst co-owners. 

Each share entitles you to 44 days of access to our villa each year. Our scheduling system will allow you to simply schedule your stays ahead of time. You'll have the option of booking your stays for consecutive weeks or splitting them up across many weekends. The length of your stay is entirely up to you. This will be determined by how the other co-owners arrange their stays, but you are free to schedule your time any way you like.

We define peak season, shoulder season, and low season, and how days are distributed throughout the year, so you may enjoy your piece of paradise all year long. To ensure fair distribution, our scheduling system considered factors such as school calendars and special activities at the location.

No co-owner can schedule time for both Christmas and New Year. Besides this limitation, visits during the high season are normally no more than 10 days, whereas stays during the low season might last up to a month. 


Book additional services

We take care of every detail. From the maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and daily tasks to the additional services you'd like to enjoy during your stay: private chef, unique activities, restaurant concierge, or massages - you name it. Our staff will be accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you discover a new way to enjoy your second home.


Check your bills

We are committed to delivering complete transparency throughout your journey as a co-owner. Thus, our app discloses and makes all of your bills and payments visible to you.

Every year, Dalima will create an annual budget with a full analysis of all expenditures associated with homeownership, as well as a forecast for the next year's spending. Additionally, a financial statement will also be provided, which will include a balance sheet, cost statements, and a statement of cash flows.

Get assistance 24/7

You never know when you'll require our assistance. As a result, our team will be available every day of the year, 24 hours a day, to resolve any issue or handle any request. No matter what happens, you can rely on our destination and support staff, who are familiar with your home and preferences and will be able to assist you quickly and effectively.

Each Dalima is thoroughly checked so that you will find it in perfect condition before your arrival. Your Home Manager will take care of customizing every detail of your trip, while our 24/7 Support team helps you with any incident.


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