Withdraw legally from a timeshare

Withdraw legally from a timeshare

Back in the 60s, timeshare was the best accessible alternative to spend quality time in a vacation resort every year. However, nowadays you have realized that having a timeshare is not as good as you thought. While you realize that this is not your best alternative, timeshares gradually lose value and thus are harder to sell. 


How to withdraw from timeshare

Some timeshare owners have decided to rent their units or stop paying because they want to withdraw from this ownership. However, here are some ways to withdraw safely and in a legal manner. 

1. Cancelation period

When you purchase a timeshare unit, most of the time you have a cancellation period. If you realized that this ownership doesn’t fit your needs, make sure to follow your instincts and withdraw from this timeshare before is too late. 

2. Return programs

Timeshare, in some cases, has a return program that enables the company to purchase back your shares. Yet, it is unlikely to recuperate the investment, and if you are lucky to find someone that wants to purchase your fraction, you won’t receive the amount you spent. 

3. Sell it correctly

Before thinking about selling your fraction, ensure that your purchase agreement enables you to sell to new owners. Once you confirm that your timeshare is eligible for resale, do your research on which platforms you can list it, but always be aware of charges fees. It is important to always consult before doing anything, then you will regret it.  

4. Get advice from professionals

Do your research on what companies do this service. Ensure that they have a tracking record of helping owners and a reputation. It is important to check their website and read all the customer reviews, as it may happen that is a scam and you lose money. 

Why is hard to withdraw from timeshare

Aside from all of the alternatives given above, it is fundamental to consider supply and demand as it makes things more complicated when selling a timeshare. If you own a three-bedroom suite in a resort, this might be unique in this specific resort, but there are hundreds or even thousands of these units in the market looking to sell. As a result, this factor creates resale harder than it already is. 

Dalima is different

Despite the fact that timeshare provides you with pre-paid holidays, Dalima is an innovative way to truly own property and avoid all the hassle. With our co-ownership model, you can purchase a fraction of a family home and reseal it with the help of our team. Consider a radically different strategy when thinking about your trip choices. Dalima provides a new approach to owning a second residence. 

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