Steps to owning a second home with Dalima

Steps to owning a second home with Dalima

After having great memories with your family and friends close to the beach or near the mountains, you conclude that buying a second home at your favorite getaway is the way to go. Whoa!

You might have heard about co-ownership but don’t see the difference from a traditional whole house purchase. It is similar in many ways, but through Dalima, it is easier and more convenient. We allow co-owners to focus on enjoying their home without the headache that usually comes with owning a second residence.

Here are the steps on how does the purchasing process work with Dalima. 


1. Find your dream home

Dalima is a new way to own your second home at a fraction of the price and with none of the hassle. We turn buying, owning, and selling shares of a second home into an easy and fair experience, thanks to our proprietary technology and impeccable service at every step of the journey.

We hand-picked each home to have the right set of attributes in the region. With our exclusive selection criteria, we ensure that all of our properties provide incredible facilities and features in top locations. Every home is divided into eight shares, and each co-owner can buy from one eight to half of the property.

If you will like to buy a home but is not available at Dalima, let us know about the property, and our team will explore the possibility of adding the property to our platform. We have partnered with hundreds of real estate agencies, and thanks to our innovative co-ownership model, they are now able to sell more and faster. We'll partner up with the owner or real estate agency and allow you to purchase the home through Dalima's co-ownership model.


2. Contact our specialists

We're thrilled to provide all of the details of our houses to you. If you need some guidelines on which house is the right for you, we will go through the distinctive features and locations of each property to help you decide. If you have any general questions regarding co-ownership, you can book a call with one of our Crew members or contact our 24/7 concierge services available for you at all times through our live chat. 


3. Visit us!

Purchasing a home is an important decision, and we want you to be confident before taking the final step. Our team will help you arrange a visit, so you will have the opportunity to perform a full inspection of the home before confirming your interest in the home and purchasing your share. We'll also be happy to arrange an online tour in case it'd be more convenient for you.


4. Ready to buy your second home

After falling in love with your dream home, is time to give this huge step! Our specialists will walk through the purchasing process, documentation, and clear any doubts. Once you're ready to move forward to the next step of the process, you provide a fully-refundable 6,000€ deposit to confirm your interest and receive several legal documents in order for you to review them with your lawyer. Such agreements aim to articulate the relationship between the co-owners and Dalima, setting clear rules for the purchasing process, the use of the property, and Dalima's responsibilities as a property manager.


5. Financing your shares

Dalima may, depending on each particular case, assist you to finance up to 50% of the purchase price. The finance team will review the application and provide a resolution within 20 days.


6. Complete the purchase of your new home!

Once you've reviewed the documents and are ready to move into the purchasing process, you'll be asked to confirm your interest by funding the balance of your deposit. We will close the purchase with the rest of the co-owners, deliver your ownership certificate and help you get started with our initial scheduling process.


7. Dreamhouse is now yours! 

Congratulations your dream house is now yours! At this point, you can already start enjoying your home! Every home has a designated Dalima manager who ensures that the operation at the property as well as your experience as a co-owner is running smoothly.  


8. Book your holidays

Each share gives you the right to enjoy our home 44 days a year. Our scheduling system will allow you to easily book your stays with time in advance, and equitably amongst the co-owners. We define what is considered high season, shoulder season, and low season, and distribute such days fairly so you get to enjoy your piece of paradise all throughout the year.

If you are looking to provide any additional services, Dalima manages the basic services and staff required at the property all throughout the year, as well as additional services such as private chefs, nannies, drivers, among others. We got you covered too. Our 24/7 concierge services will be available for you at all times through our live chat. We accumulate over 20 years of experience providing concierge services, so this is one of the highlights of your co-ownership experience with Dalima.


9. Selling your share

Nothing lasts forever. Should you wish to sell your share, you have the absolute freedom to sell your share at any price you decide. Our sales team will assist you throughout the process offering your stake through our marketplace, finding a new co-owner, and taking care of the paperwork.


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