Pros and Cons of buying a vacation home

Pros and Cons of buying a vacation home

A getaway is something that we all look forward to throughout the year. Traveling to far locations and seeing new things is fascinating, which is why a vacation house is pretty much the dream.

Investing in a vacation home allows you to have a perfect getaway, rental income, long-term profits, and retirement plan. While owning this home, there are several costs, risks, and hassles to consider when determining whether it is appropriate for your financial condition and lifestyle.


Benefits of buying a second home

Owning a vacation house gives you the advantage of having a flexible lifestyle while benefiting from its financial value. 

  1. Home away from home: Selecting the perfect getaway will become the best place to build long-lasting memories with our loved ones and soon the perfect home away from home with all its commodities. After all, this vacation home can be used anytime you want to take a break or disconnect from daily routines. 
  2. Rental income: Purchasing a second home in an attractive area could result in generating extra income. Regularly, second homes are only used a couple of weeks a year, and thus renting your home is the best way to cover ongoing costs and mortgage. 
  3. Long-term profits: Owning a second home in a neighborhood with rising home values could result in a good investment as its appreciation could increase over years. 
  4. Retirement plan: Owning a second home on the beach or the mountain can sound like an appealing option to move when you retire. Thinking ahead with your vacation home can help fund your retirement dreams. In the end, The equity you have built over years with your vacation home gives you more financial flexibility. 


Drawbacks of purchasing a second home

Purchasing a second home may be a wise investment and perhaps improve your quality of life, there are a number of costs and disadvantages to consider before deciding.

  1. Affordability: When looking to own a second home, its initial costs might be higher than your regular home as typically these homes are located in popular areas, and requires additional insurance coverage. Vacation homes are a financial luxury and it is important to ensure that you can afford this additional expense.  
  2. Home maintenance: Your house will require maintenance during your ownership to guarantee that it preserves its value and complies with all rental regulations. Of course, you may hire someone to look after your property, but keep in mind the additional expenses and headaches.
  3. Renting hassle: Setting your second home as a rental can become a nightmare. Becoming a landlord is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Tenants do not always treat the property well and creating damage will cost you a lot of money to fix.


Discover your dream home

Deciding which home to purchase is always a tough decision, especially when you are looking to buy your dream house. Thus, is important to consider factors such as budget, type of home, and location/neighborhood when deciding. 

  • Budget: Don't get caught up in the temptation of buying a home that you can't afford. Purchasing a home with excessive monthly carrying expenses produces stress, and most people take vacations to escape their problems, not to have more. 
  • Type of home: Before buying a second home, understand for what reason you would like to have this home. If you are looking to spend most of your time in the house with family and friends, ensure that you have all the amenities and commodities. 
  • Location: Buying a vacation house that is more than 6 hours away might be difficult. Consider purchasing a home within a reasonable driving distance. Also, make several visits to the place to confirm that the location meets your expectations.


Cost of buying a second home 

Having a second house should be enjoyable, not a continual cause of financial stress. The costs may change depending on how you use the second property, but the cost of insurance, utilities, maintenance, taxes, and travel here are some that you should factor into your monthly budget.

Dalima’s solution

Dalima's co-ownership model allows multiple people to own fractions of a second home. We take care of everything and remove the hassle from your hands. Dalima provides full transparency on what are the costs and how we operate the business. Our goal is to offer you a new way of living: take care of every detail so you can enjoy what truly matters, quality time with your loved ones.


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